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Free graphic animations relating to teachers, school websites, and classrooms. You may request a free custom made chalkboard for your website by posting a request on the forum or email us with the information you'd like to have on your chalkboard. To save images to your hard drive right click on your mouse and click save as and choose a directory to save the image to.

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dog ate my homeworkdog ate my homework

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Custom Made Chalkboards Free For Teachers
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Create Your Own Wordfind Puzzles Free

We just added this link to our site so we could offer teachers the ability to create wordfind puzzles for their class. You choose the words and there are over 10 languages to choose from. Under options you may choose different shapes for the puzzles to be in. For example: car, train, smiley, star, etc. This version does not save the puzzles so they need to be played right away or printed. Make sure to select the print option before creating the puzzle if you wish to print it out. We hope you find this useful. Have Fun!

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